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A First Impression
Jalisco tugged his sleeves. His cufflinks flashed in the setting sun. Chamber music lilted neath the vaulted pergola, and the scent of wine and cut cypress pervaded the place. Jalisco sniffed, shrugged. "Stop shrugging," said the man beside him. A weasley fellow, but one far more comfortable in the ...
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Foreign Gentlemen
Something crashed in the night.Eloise scowled. Half past two in the morning. Another crash, followed by several echoing clangs, like a kettle dropped down steps. Then a muffled rumble of raucous adolescent chortling. Eloise tore away her bedclothes, stomped for the door, nightgown flapping.Barefoot...
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On the cobbled gatepost, there sat a skull. A human skull, set in a divot midst the stones. Brown, crusty. A fresh wreath of floral daisy pixies, their heads torn off, crowned its sun-dried pate. A lump of clay carved with runes was tied in its gaping jaw. On the road, two Ward Rangers stared [&hell...
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