A Heart of Stone

Little eyes hung in grey solution. Voles' eyes. Charcoal dark; trailing strings of grey flesh like soft beads burst off a broken necklace. Dozens. Gawping, dumb, suspended in salty, chilled lymph. They shifted, bobbed, broke round the intrusion of a fine spoon thrust amidst them. A tiny ladle groped for purchase, cupped a single orb, pulled […]

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Year Walk

The clock struck midnight. It rang flat in the darkened cottage. Tired, arhythmic. Shockingly loud in the still night. On the fourth strike, something stirred. In a nest of woolens, curled close to the dark and fireless hearth, Leif lurched aright. Eyes yet shut, he listened for the twelfth strike.  It came, soft and weak. Barely a dying […]

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