A Handful of Sorcery

d100 magic knucklebones. Surgically implanted, they grant unnatural powers in exchange for the nutrient salts of the wearer's blood. Artifacts, all. Ancient, all. Knucklebones' powers and accompanying prestige are worth any and all suffering and disfigurement entailed in their implantation within the delicate structures of the hand.

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Trinkets, Relics, and Artifacts

d100 trinkets and minor magic items for D&D and other adventure games. Not magician's tricks, nor recipes for monsters, nor even the source of sorcerers' perverse transhumanity; not in any great measure. What's found is the small detritus of lives. The belongings of human beings, however twisted.

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d100 books from a Gothic-fantasy world. A loot table of lore books and rare tomes. Folk of varied sorts enjoy a wide selection of finely produced, if expensive, books. A selection of such books is listed below.

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