All are Writ in Blood

The dormitory door creaked. Stocking feet pattered in the dark. Nightgown skirts whipped softly about small ankles. A pigtailed shadow crossed the moonlit window, clutched something heavy in both hands. "Thilde?" said a whisper. A weighty something sunk onto the mattress. Mathilde popped an eyelid. A snub-nosed girl with pigtails sat at the foot of […]

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A Corpse of Milk

A quartet of rough hands raised fists of wine. Dots of light swam in the cherry liquid, glittered in crystal bowls. "Cheers!" said four voices, thumped the table with as many fists. "And a warm, fat Hallowtide to all of us," said the head of the table, a shaggy lass with white-streaked hair. There was […]

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A Shield Against Night

Mist caressed the moors. It stroked the bruise-black heather, set gentle dewdrops on countless twisted stems. It kissed the still faces of stagnant pools, concealed shallow, submerged skulls. It stroked every dip and dell, spilled wet fingers into the shadowed crevasses¬†of glacial monoliths. It groped, invasive, into fast trenches dug by human hands. "Shite's cold," […]

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