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Incunabuli - Playtest
I run an original d12 RPG system.So far, we're calling it the Incunabuli System. It's the Coast's home RPG, built specially to support as elegantly as possible gameplay befitting the setting. It's based on the sweet, consequential parts of old school design, but it is not a retroclone.Find the syste...
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A Second Chance
At the hearth, there sat a man weeping. A man with a farmer's brown hide and the grey-green eyes of a Southerner. His lips, quaking, traced silent petitions. Rosary beads passed between his rough fingertips. * Tears rolled over the worn knuckles, over the stone beads, dashed themselves to steam ...
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Gold Fever
A coin clattered on the polished bar top. A stool scraped. A pair of bandaged palms clasped beside."What's this?" said the barback. She plucked up the coin, turned it round. It was old, thick. Dented, but cleanly cast with bas reliefs: Some runes on the obverse; and on the reverse: the cruel-eyed ...
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