Foreign Gentlemen

In the mild autumn of 3.444, aliens landed on the balmy shore of peninsular Alagór. Aliens in boxy arks with sails battened like webbed fingers. Furry, wet-eyed, long-tongued creatures, reminiscent of otters or long-bodied bears.

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On the cobbled gatepost, there sat a skull. A human skull, set in a divot midst the stones. Brown and crusted. A fresh wreath of dried daisy pixies, their heads torn off, crowned it. A lump of clay was tied in its gaping jaw, traced with runes. On the road, two Ward Rangers stared at […]

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A Second Chance

There exists in the cells of some humans a rare genetic quirk. A survival mechanism mutated seemingly at random and without hereditary president, so rare that it is practically unknown to science. It is expressed only after apparent death.

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