A bright, midsummer moon lit the clearing. Shadowed fir arms, saggy with cones, swayed over dewy grass. Soft, twisted mushrooms poked above the blades. A lone weed with heavy, chard-like stems grew, alone, in the clearing's center. A rustling sounded. Beneath the low firs, two heads poked into the clearing, dragged by dirty, flannel elbows. […]

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A Second Coming

The Knight watched countless steps pass beneath his clicking sabatons. He climbed a winding stair, head bowed to shining marble. Rainbow flecks, shed by ascending, stained windows, played over his long and curling hair. His lips shifted, parted in a breathless chant: "Laudate Aveth, Deus in terra, Avetha, gratia plena, Avetha, potesta plena Ave, Ave, […]

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Who's Afraid of the Ragwretch?

The hulk of a greenish, barnacle-crusted cog hung under Saint Pierro Bridge. Strange folk crept up creaky scaffolds nailed to the crossing's piers, swaggered through a pair of saloon doors set in the hull to join a ruckus of voices and excitedly strummed six-strings. In the windows, cobbled from daub and ends of bottles, figures […]

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