Of Mice and Humanity

From the palace's high windows, a grey woman watched the glittering azure bay. There, hundreds of fat, laden carracks sat at harbor, trapped by a line of tallships which gripped the circular inlet's narrow neck, patrolling. Specks of folk milled about the port city's boardwalks, watching the stagnant blockade. The woman sighed, flared her nostrils. […]

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A Lethal Engagement

A man stepped neath the courtyard gate. He carried a leather roll under one arm, long as a man, coiled like a rug. Snow crunched under his tasseled boots. Eyes surveyed him from either end of the wintry garden. To the South waited a party clad in navy blue uniforms trimmed with ermine. They stood abreast behind their […]

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A Matter of Currency

Sheamus kicked and wriggled through the water, squinted his red eyes against stinging brine. A pouch trailed from his neck on long straps, floated beside his scaly tail. The mouse pushed through curtains of slick, rubbery stalks. Tiny, fluttering creatures flew beside him, propelled by writhing flagella. A reddish fish of considerable size emerged from […]

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