Adventure Capital

A cigarette wobbled under the clerk's scrubby mustache. "Next," he said, voice level, bored. A young woman stumbled to the counter, shoved by the queue. Mousy brown bangs curtained her face, brushed in an attempt to conceal the veiny, wine-red blotch around her left eye. The clerk fixed her with a rheumy stare. "Have you […]

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All in the Golden Afternoon

Dawn breaks over the purple hills. Warmed by the light, iris buds twitch atop leggy stems. They bloom luxuriantly, stretching soft limbs and delicate, violet petal-wings. Tiny white hands ball into fists, rub golden pollen from newly split eyelids. The iris pixies begin to drop from their stems, giggle as they hit the grass. A high […]

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If a patch of mold has sprung up in your cellar, you'd best investigate. Check the mold's consistency. If it's black, brown, green, or at all fuzzy, you're fine; scrub it off and don't worry about it again. If it's grey, streaked with pus-yellow veins, and spotted with slimy, wiggling flagella, you may be in […]

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