Where Darkness Has Lease

Shawn licked a handful of gravel, spat. He held a lantern to the grit. "Marble and mold" he said, licking his palette. "We'd best watch out." He scattered the tiny stones. They clattered on the cavern floor. "Aye" replied the bearded Dole. He produced a small cage from his hide caver's jacket, handed it to […]

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Hobben, or Homunculite

If, while delving in a deep cave, you find a large, red gemstone under some moldy bones and an old woolen hat, know that you have found a hob. Simply pick it up (taking care, it's likely as large as your head) and take it home. Wash off all the old mold, then put it in […]

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Masters, Messieurs, Señori

"The Madame Countess Fiora Matilde Phillipa Geneve, Suzerain of Leah," declared the Court Marshal. The bead-eyed Countess strolled past him, followed by tittering retainers. Across the ballroom, Erin stared at the Marshal, frowning. "Auntie, does he know everyone's name?" she said. "He doesn't have notes, or anything?" "No notes, dear. It's his job," replied Auntie. […]

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