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Snippet: Casque Beetles
These shiny black beetles are about the size and shape of a half-helmet. Their queer morphology exists for a reason. Casque beetles live on a diet of humanoid brains. They eat, however, only once in a year. In their time between feedings, they like to find a brain and sleep on it (literally.) Thus, ...
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If a patch of mold has sprung up in your cellar, you'd best investigate. Check the mold's consistency. If it's black, brown, green, or at all fuzzy, you're fine; scrub it off and don't worry about it again. If it's grey, streaked with pus-yellow veins, and spotted with slimy, wiggling flagella, you ...
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Where Darkness Has Lease
Shawn licked a handful of gravel, spat. He held a lantern to the grit. "Marble and mold" he said, licking his palette. "We'd best watch out." He scattered the tiny stones. They clattered on the cavern floor. "Aye" replied the bearded Dole. He produced a small cage from his hide caver's jacket, hande...
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