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Hobben, or Homunculite
If, while delving in a deep cave, you find a large, red gemstone under some moldy bones and an old woolen hat, know that you have found a hob. Simply pick it up (taking care, it's likely as large as your head) and take it home. Wash off all the old mold, then put it […]...
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Masters, Messieurs, Señori
"The Madame Countess Fiora Matilde Phillipa Geneve, Suzerain of Leah," declared the Court Marshal. The bead-eyed Countess strolled past him, followed by tittering retainers.Across the ballroom, Erin stared at the Marshal, frowning. "Auntie, does he know everyone's name?" she said. "He doesn't have n...
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The Gunspring
Rain hissed on the gargoyle's back, sprayed like spittle through its gnashed teeth. Lizbet set an elbow on its neck. Cold damp seeped into her skin. She leveled a heavy gunspring, tucked its sculpted stock fast against her shoulder.She set an eye to the pupil of a long brass scope, shut the other. ...
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