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On the path, before the yawning wood, there stood a sign.A crooked, nailed-together affair assembled from three planks and a rotting post. Covered in the crusty lime of lichen and dry bird droppings.Down the path, from a sunny wheatgrass field, gained a sound of horseshoes. Two sets, and a jangle ...
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Out on the moor, there stood a red deer. A fuzzy-antlered buck. It surveyed the rippling moor. Veritable waves of purple heather and gold wheatgrass under a cathedral of driving clouds. It sniffed languidly. The moor smelt of honeycomb and alfalfa. It chewed, kept back to munching the floral scrub....
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Lotus Eaters
Green waves beat over the dinghy's pointed prow.Nils raised a hand for the sting of salt, hunched bobbing at the little boat's forward bench. Ahead, over a rolling field of choppy emerald, showed a stone-strewn shore; wet, black and shining under a diffuse and shrouded sun.He turned about, clutched ...
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