The Sate of Bandelier

"Ugo." Ugo, sprawled in the gutter, flinched. A rent in his purple lip oozed. He moaned, gritted the red-cored stumps of freshly-broken teeth. He covered his face, curled deeper into the bed of dead leaves and musky horseshit.  "Ugo," said the voice again, strong, insistent. A hand shook his shoulder. "Vamos. Come now."  "Go away." "No. […]

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Things Fall Apart

There was a knock at the door. Boris did up his robe, tripped over a pile of books, undid the latch. He had to wrench the oaken portal open, as it jammed on a pile of doilies. A woman in black stood in the frame, grinning crookedly. “Boris Rhodof?” she asked, extending a hand. Boris […]

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Trinkets, Relics, and Artifacts

The appraiser sat with a huff, laced his thick fingers atop the leather-topped desk. "Good morning, Master Tuck," he said, moustache rippling. Across, there sat two cutters in scuffy leathers. One, a dimpled woman, nodded. "Morning, Seider." Her companion, an oily, onion-scented young man with his hood still up, scowled. He kept his arms crossed over a […]

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