Lotus Eaters

Lotus fruits are a very rare and popular drug. Removed as they are from the isle of the lotus tree, from an unending source of the fruit, recreational eaters need not fear a perennial stupor; though habitual users quickly develop a gnawing addiction. Nevertheless, mainly due to its scarcity and potency, there exists an unending demand for the fruit, which cannot be grown on the mainland

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The Sate of Bandelier

A name surrounds these mercenaries, these hunters: The Sate of Bandelier. A serpent of contempt, they say, who wields its hate for cutter-kind as a twisted, vengeful business venture. A worm with broken wings who curls in smoking darkness, orchestrating wide-ranging revenge by the behest of all harmed by careless venturing kind, and in perverse service to its own bloody hurt.

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Things Fall Apart

Topples are the archetypal Level-1 cruddy monster. Mission number one: Clear the topples from the old Magister's tower. For bonus XP, get him to stop smoking. For bonus gold, get rehired when more topples eventually appear from his mass of cats and toenail clippings. Weaker kobolds or something tiny can easily be reskinned into a serviceable topple.

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