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Incunabuli - About
About Incunabuli is a Gothic-fairytale RPG setting told through prose. It's a developing and increasingly-usable reference for campaigns inspired by or set in the Incunabuli setting: The fairytale land of the Coast.Twitter was and remains Incunabuli's original home. Follow @Incunabuli for updates ...
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Incunabuli - Map
Coastal Map Below is a high-definition map of The Coast. Readers may find it illuminating.If it looks poorly in the browser preview, here's a Google Drive link to it. Bonus red-lettered version here.This version is 40% the original's substantial 8K resolution. I've made the original 8K version avail...
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The Sate of Bandelier
"Ugo."Ugo, sprawled in the gutter, flinched. A rent in his purple lips split, oozed as he moaned through red-cored stumps of freshly-broken teeth. He covered his face with cut-hatched hands, curled deeper into the bed of dead leaves and musky horseshit. "Ugo," said the voice again, strong, insisten...
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