Trinkets, Relics, and Artifacts

d100 trinkets and minor magic items for D&D and other adventure games. Not magician's tricks, nor recipes for monsters, nor even the source of sorcerers' perverse transhumanity; not in any great measure. What's found is the small detritus of lives. The belongings of human beings, however twisted.

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Linkenden: Carriers of lanterns, candelabras, and torches for stronger parties. Always the first down a darkened hall, sent to scrub away the clinging shadows. Light is precious, to cutters, for the realms in which they labor are rarely graced by the weal of the sun. The dark is the deadly advantage of the enemy, of ragwretches and grues and the eyeless thralls of foul sorcery, and it must be lifted for their banishment to be prosecuted. For this reason, the light always goes first. 

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A slumber is a person. Or was one, at least; depending on your politics on the relative disenfranchisement of its disembodied contents. It is composed of a vessel. An approximate half meter teardrop of dark, chemical glass. Roughly amphora-shaped, though handleless, neckless, and sometimes variably gourdlike. Sealed lidless like an ampoule the width of a large human skull, at its widest.

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