Doxbells, Cigarettes, and Entropy

In modern times, the smoking of pepperelle is enjoyed throughout the Coast. In the South, where the herb was first popularized, cigarettes rolled from paper and leaf are overwhelmingly the favored means of pepperelle consumption. †† In the North, long-stemmed pipes are equally popular.

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A Second Coming

The Knight watched countless steps pass beneath his spurs. He climbed a winding stair, head bowed to shining marble. Rainbow flecks, shed by ascending, stained windows, played over his long and curling hair. His lips shifted, parted in a breathless chant: "Laudate Avetha, Deus in terra, Avetha, gratia plena, Avetha, potesta plena Ave, Ave, Dominosa, […]

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Masters, Messieurs, Señori

"The Madame Countess Fiora Matilde Phillipa Geneve, Suzerain of Leah," declared the Court Marshal. The bead-eyed Countess strolled past him, followed by tittering retainers. Across the ballroom, Erin stared at the Marshal, frowning. "Auntie, does he know everyone's name?" she said. "He doesn't have notes, or anything?" "No notes, dear. It's his job," replied Auntie. […]

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