Boots, Buckets, and Backpacks

Brown husks of leaves drifted on the autumn road. Sticky branches shivered above, loosed what cladding they yet possessed to spiral in the bitter wind. Not far over the squat, umber hills, a raven croaked. Down the lane, a clapping of horseshoes swelled. A rider in grey came along. He rode sedate and boredly, tucked […]

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A Corpse of Milk

A quartet of rough hands raised fists of wine. Dots of light swam in the cherry liquid, glittered in crystal bowls. "Cheers!" said four voices, thumped the table with as many fists. "And a warm, fat Hallowtide to all of us," said the head of the table, a shaggy lass with white-streaked hair. There was […]

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