Lotus Eaters

Lotus fruits are a very rare and popular drug. Removed as they are from the isle of the lotus tree, from an unending source of the fruit, recreational eaters need not fear a perennial stupor; though habitual users quickly develop a gnawing addiction. Nevertheless, mainly due to its scarcity and potency, there exists an unending demand for the fruit, which cannot be grown on the mainland

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Doxbells, Cigarettes, and Entropy

In modern times, the smoking of pepperelle is enjoyed throughout the Coast. In the South, where the herb was first popularized, cigarettes rolled from paper and leaf are overwhelmingly the favored means of pepperelle consumption. †† In the North, long-stemmed pipes are equally popular.

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A Pink Lion

"It is a royal sport, Clemensa," said a dark and sunbaked man. With manicured fingers, he thumbed flechette rounds into a squat magazine. Sweat beaded on his forearms and lined brow. Across the folding table, Clemensa, clutching a thick demitasse of coffee, nodded slackly. He peered under his pith hat out into the jungle, blinked […]

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