Iron creaked. Rust flaked from hinges stiff from age and wrapping ivy. Small hands pushed into the pitted bars, shoved. There was a huff, an exasperated kick. "Heike," grumbled Karl, turning from the stuck gate. Green light dappled him, shone through thick oaks. "Help. It's all stuck." Some ways back, Heike looked up. A red […]

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A Thousand Shores

With every creaking yaw, the lantern swung on its hook. Its glow played over the Captain's pockmarked cheeks, slipped through scarred divots and crinkled crow's feet. He sat, chin tucked to scruffy neck. His breathing matched the rhythmic slosh of waves. Across the table, there was a sigh. "We could try a sunward heading, Sir. The Dorndallow […]

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