Only Angels

In a white-washed cell, there sat a man alone. He hunched, manacled, at a table set for two. High up the wall, setting sunlight played through iron bars. A crisscrossed beam graced the man, the table. Steam rose in bright and voluminous plumes. Heady, spiced steam from roasts, stews, and pies, all couched in fine […]

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A Second Coming

The Knight watched countless steps pass beneath his spurs. He climbed a winding stair, head bowed to shining marble. Rainbow flecks, shed by ascending, stained windows, played over his long and curling hair. His lips shifted, parted in a breathless chant: "Laudate Avetha, Deus in terra, Avetha, gratia plena, Avetha, potesta plena Ave, Ave, Dominosa, […]

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