The Office of Secrets

Hawthorn had just tucked into an egg. He had rapped it twice with a butterknife, peeled back the top, and ladled out a goey teaspoonful. Slowly, he daubed the yolk on some toast, peppered it, brought it to his mouth. "Duane!' Hawthorn reluctantly lifted his eyes from the toast. Across the cafe, a beaming, curly-topped […]

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Every Wriggling Worm

Something slithered in the underbrush. A bobbing shadow pursued it, fast and methodical over duff and scattered twigs. A scaly tail flicked, disappeared under a drift of rotten leaves. The shadow leapt. There was a scuffle, a crunch.  “Karl, I got it!” shouted the girl, cheeks flushed red. She shuffled upright, waved her fist in the […]

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