A Shield Against Night

Mist caressed the moors. It stroked the bruise-black heather, set gentle dewdrops on countless twisted stems. It kissed the still faces of stagnant pools, concealed shallow, submerged skulls. It stroked every dip and dell, spilled wet fingers into the shadowed crevasses¬†of glacial monoliths. It groped, invasive, into fast trenches dug by human hands. "Shite's cold," […]

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Who's Afraid of the Ragwretch?

The hulk of a greenish, barnacle-crusted cog hung under Saint Pierro Bridge. Strange folk crept up creaky scaffolds nailed to the crossing's piers, swaggered through a pair of saloon doors set in the hull to join a ruckus of voices and excitedly strummed six-strings. In the windows, cobbled from daub and ends of bottles, figures […]

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Where Darkness Has Lease

Shawn licked a handful of gravel, spat. He held a lantern to the grit. "Marble and mold" he said, licking his palette. "We'd best watch out." He scattered the tiny stones. They clattered on the cavern floor. "Aye" replied the bearded Dole. He produced a small cage from his hide caver's jacket, handed it to […]

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