Water Music

"Jorge." Jorge shifted in his hammock, exhaled fitfully. He wrapped a hand round his sleeping head, hunched his shoulders, dozed on. Beside, the speaker, a short sailor in cornrows, moaned. "Jorge, get up. There's something wrong." She seized the hand, yanked on it. Jorge sputtered awake.  He blinked torpidly, sniffed. "Margot," he mumbled, sniffed again. He shuddered, […]

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A Thousand Shores

With every creaking yaw, the lantern swung on its hook. Its glow played over the Captain's pockmarked cheeks, slipped through scarred divots and crinkled crow's feet. He sat, chin tucked to scruffy neck. His breathing matched the rhythmic slosh of waves. Across the table, there was a sigh. "We could try a sunward heading, Sir. The Dorndallow […]

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